Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Driving Miss Boler - the long road home

Once we had finalized the paperwork for our new baby, the problem was how to get it home.

The first problem was with the electrical connector. We had an OEM hitch and wiring harness installed on our Forester - cost more than doing it myself but worth it from the safety perspective. The OEM harness came with a flat 4 pin connector and the Boler has a 7 pin round connecter. A problem easily solved by a quick trip to Canadian Tire. But...... 7 pin on the vehicle and 4 on the trailer - no problem. Four on the vehicle and 7 on the trailer like I have? Sorry don't make them. So pair of connectors and a couple of wiring diagrams later and I made one up myself. Loading my test gear and extra wire and other bits into the Subaru and off I went.

Fifty minutes later and I arrive at the Boler's old home. I hooked up the adapter and everything worked first time. After checking all lights three times and duct taping the ersatz adapter to the frame, I was ready for the next step.

Being a thinking ahead (read paranoid) type, I expected that the tires were a little low after sitting all winter. Sure enough each was 10-15 pounds under suggested rating. Many minutes and two sore arms later, they were back up to minimum pressure using a hand pump. A 12 volt compressor is going on the Christmas list this year.

With working lights and good tires all that was left was to get her home. Aligning the hitches went smoothly as did hooking up the safety chains. And off we went. What can I say? There was a tiny bit of lag in acceleration and certainly I knew I had extra weight when braking otherwise the trip home was very smooth. The last 20 feet was another issue all together.

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