Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Gift to Us

For our 20th Wedding Anniversary we wanted to do something really special.  As we have entered our "mature" years, we decided that camping in a tent was no longer the enjoyable past time it used to be.  On the other hand we could just skip camping all together and go on a trip far away to a foreign land....but of course after our foreign adventure we would still return to friends and camping opportunities....and a tent.

So we decided to invest in something for camping that was NOT a tent.  We thought about a tent trailer, but canvas is not water tight, and one of the things I have always hated about camping  is those late nights of listening to heavy rain hitting the top of the tent and wondering and waiting for the first leaks! This does not make for a restful sleep.  It was finally decided that we would get a hard fibreglass trailer.

Next we needed to decide on size.  We are light packers to begin with, so we really did not need something with all the amenities - like a livingroom with hydralic walls that opened out to give you even more room.  Then we saw the Boler trailers.  Compact, fibreglass and Canadian made.  Small and compact and easy to move.  Lovely.

Fun fact - the inventor named his trailer the Boler because it reminded him of a bowler hat.  How perfect for a couple of steampunks.  Thence the name of our blog Victorian Bo(w)ler.

On March 25 we found our dream Boler.  By the next day we had paid for it, had it registered and licensed and home!

And here she is

Say hello to our little friend.... until next time.


  1. I can't wait to see it in real life!! Congratulations to the both of you....can't wait to follow your journeys! :)

  2. Theresa Dunn MillerMarch 30, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    How you two can make anything sound glamourous! We had been looking at Bolers as well as a reasonable touring vehicle. Our concern was not our stage of enjoyment because I love crawling into a down sleeping bag in a cozy tent but more about a little more substance between me and bears.

    Can't wait to know what you name him. I assume you want more males in the family:)

  3. Came across this in Steamfashion. I've been home sick and watched a TV program on small trailers (mostly Teardrops) creatively modified by their owners. I thought it might be a nice alternative to tents.

    I'll follow your blog with great interest.

  4. Firstly, welcome to my Blog.

    I was fascinated to see your caravan project, being a long term caravaner myself, ours is a boring but serviceable Musketeer, but I have always dreamed of owning a TearDrop.

    I will check back for regular progress updates.