Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time for a Quickie

Since our last post about Tilley, we have not done anything new to her, but we did take her camping.  We spent three wonderful sunny days at a friend's campground near Eganville, Ontario called Raven's Knoll.  It was a joy to park and be finished with set up (of course the girls still had to set up their tent, but they didn't seem to mind so much).  We had a number of visitors come to visit and there was much Oooing and Aaahhing.  Our bed with the new feather mattress and feather pillows was extremely comfortable and we had the best camping sleep of all time.

We will have another opportunity to live in Tilley (and this time for a full week) when we attend Kaleidoscope Gathering.  We will be attending to give a Steampunk 101 workshop and hold a steampunk cocktail party on the Friday evening.

I leave you with a photo and a query

Brass and glass outdoor thermometer - we know we can attach it with earth magnets or screws to one of the larger windows.  The questions are - do we place it outdoors for an accurate measurement but possibly lose it by theft or inside for safety but not quite an accurate temperature reading....and/ we use screws for more permanency or earth magnets so we can put it away for travelling.

We hope to have many photos and stories to tell upon our return from Kaleidoscope Gathering. 

Until then....ta ta for now.

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  1. I'd suggest earth magnets, and have it inside and out. Inside when you're inside, outside when you're available to make sure it doesn't go walkabout.