Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have Tilley Will Travel

Last week we finally had time to take Tilley on a long journey for an entire week.  We took her to our friends' campground, Raven's Knoll.  It was great to finally take a break from fixing and decorating and actually live in her.  One word to describe the experience - Sumptuous!

Evening photo of our set up.  We decided, as it is quite hot in our area right now, to not cook inside but to cook outdoors on our three burner stove.  Notice the kettle on top ready for tea.

On the inside we were ready for comfort.  Every person who came by wanted to see her insides and we proudly showed her off.  Many people were talking of looking for a Tilley of their own after visiting ours.

Here is our eating area during the day, notice the lovely pillows on the benches, you'll see them again soon.  The books on the table will hopefully one day be set on a self above the window behind them.

In the evening, the same space is transformed into our incredibly decadent sleeping area. The pillows you see in the first photo are feather and the covers come off.  Just add bamboo pillow cases and Voila! they do double duty. 
You can see the cushions that go from bench to bed, but on top is a feather mattress.  On top of that is the softest, warmest blanket we have ever owned.   The pillows, covers, mattress and blanket all come from a little shop called Quiltsetc
Best sleep we have ever had camping...ever!

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