Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Most Often Heard

Tilley is currently taking a short siesta, but that certainly doesn't mean that she is forgotten.  Over the past few weeks we have had so many questions:  How is Tilley?  Have you been enjoying Tilley? Have you done anything new with Tilley?.... I could go on and on.

Tilley seems to have taken on a life of her own.  Twice very recently we have had people look at and then give us something while saying "That would be great for Tilley".  Yes, it's true, she's getting gifts now.

The first was at a swap meet a few weeks ago and we were looking at this...
...and a friend near us said "I think that would be great for Tilley".  Well, of course, we agreed and took it for her. It is solid metal (we think maybe brass) and looks to have been a wall sconce at one time.

The next item came when my dear husband went to a lovely artist and corset maker friend by the name of Robin Dostaler to pick up a brooch she had made for me. He arrived to find her with the brooch and this
She said it was something she has had for a long time and it came from her family and she just felt it was perfect for Tilley.

I am a little flabbergasted that people are gifting our trailer. On the other hand I am very pleased that she has taken on a life of her own and that her personality inspires people to help make her more beautiful.

Note:  We are not above accepting lovely things for Tilley - thank you!

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  1. It's been a while since I last checked in, the progress looks very good and I look forward to seeing more.