Saturday, May 19, 2012


Sadly it has been a little quiet on the camping front.  I'm lucky I can enjoy the big blue room while walking to work and working in the garden, but it's camping I love best.  It is incredibly relaxing.  I do not look at a clock unless I absolutely have to, there is no set schedule, and all the fresh air gives me a lovely peaceful sleep.

I have been aching to take poor Tilley on a trip this year, but she is still waiting for that first outing of the season.  We've been at weddings, birthdays, conventions, and celebrations of every shape and size. This has left us with no free weekend for the great outdoors.  But as the weather has gotten warmer (and some days incredibly hot!) we have been constantly thinking about Tilley.  We continue to make plans for our next addition and we spend what time we can getting her spruced up for our "hopefully soon" outings.

For example, this past Mother's Day my lovely husband bought me some the form of a bath bomb and soap. The soap is fabulous and comes in a tin, which made me think about Tilley and how perfect it will be when cleaning up after playing in the big blue room.

At least it gives me a good reason to spend some time in Tilley organizing and looking for a place to put the soap.

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