Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blogging from the Belly of the Beast

Poor Tilley was confined to the garage all winter, and sadly this spring as well. We have done a lot of travelling, but no where we could take her. This weekend we finally had a chance to let her freshen up. As soon as Pat moved her out and secured her in the driveway, I jumped in and got to work. I straightened and cleaned up inside.

I made a list of everything that had expired and that we needed to replace - like coffee and hot chocolate - I find they are more tasty when fresh. (and don't worry I never just toss out the old, we use at home for cooking or baking). I replaced our old travel mugs with four new ones we acquired during last weekend's travels.

Emily and Martin will appreciate that our wedding favours will be used in Tilley while enjoying the great outdoors.

I opened up all the windows and vents.  That alone made a huge difference in helping to freshen up the inside. What a difference a breeze makes. Then I cleaned all her windows.

Look at that shine!

Now I am relaxing and blogging about Tilley from a comfortable spot inside, enjoying the quiet, and knowing that we will soon have somewhere to go where we can enjoy and appreciate her homey and luxurious comforts!


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