Thursday, April 15, 2010


We are still waiting anxiously for our friend Brad to finish Tilley's interior.  All we know is that he has ideas in place and surprises in store for us.  To me it really feels like being pregnant again.  Not the big, heavy, bloated, sore, breathless, crabby feeling one has, but that anxious, waiting to meet your new baby and see what they look like feeling.  Do they have all their fingers and toes, do they have hair, are they adorable.

Inevitably ever woman, and very often the father as well, will have a nightmare or two about the birth.  The baby is a giant, or comes out being 40 years old, or has three arms.  You get the picture....and it isn't pretty.

Well I had one of those about Tilley.  I dreamt that we finally go to pick up Tilley.  Brad is very excited to show us what he has done so I quickly enter and what do I see.....all the walls, the ceiling, everywhere is covered in vinyl with a pattern of hamburgers, hotdogs and french fries.  ACK !!   I said something in the dream like "what the...we wanted a gentlemen's club" and Brad says "I thought you meant like a sports bar".

(insert deep breath here)

I know Brad won't do this.  He's a smart and talented person. But if I see even one hamburger anywhere near the trailer when we get there I may just turn and run.

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