Sunday, April 4, 2010

Off to See the Wizard

There is a lot Pat and I can do, but vehicle upholstery is not one of them.  Of course I am sure we could do it if we had the time and patience, and desire, to learn...but we don't.  We have the funds and the resource to have a professional do it for us and that makes us very happy.

What we can and did do was strip the interior of it's cushions, curtains and covers so that our upholsterer could get to the issues that need to be remedied...such as these

The vinyl that the previous owner put in has come off at the seams.  In some places it must have been hanging and they cut it off.  There is insulation underneath, but it is covered in a tacky glue. 

The other issue is the colour.  Cream of Wheat is NOT my favourite colour.  It is neither cozy nor chic.  The plan is for the decor to have the look of a gentlemen's club, so it needs colour and warmth and it needs to be POSH...Cream of Wheat...not so posh.

Our upholstery wizard / guru is our old friend Brad MacDonald.  He has been doing upholstery for many years and he is also an artisan and a steampunk at heart.  He knows and understands steampunk and he knows us well.  We have given him our colour preferences and given him carte blanche to work his upholstery magic on the interior of Vesta Tilley.

The results promise to be extraordinary and marvelous!


  1. I just can't wait to see what Brad comes up with. He is one exceptionally talented chap! :)

  2. I second that Edain :)