Sunday, April 25, 2010

Secrets Revealed

You know have an ideal scenario in your mind, like, say, that you have purchased a well loved trailer from a sweet couple in need of assistance at a bad time in life.  And you think... what a lovely job they did on the trailer, so much love put into every stitch and paint brush stroke.  Then the guru peels away the layers (literally) and you start finding strange anomalies that lead to questions like...why the foil on the insulation, why the extra ventilation, why the mould and why the extreme amount of electrical wiring and plugs for such a small space???

Theory to these questions - a grow op!  Yes, the theory that has arisen is that our sweet Tilley was once a grow op.  For those innocent souls who have never heard this term it simply means an operation set up for the growing of marijuana.  You can find more information here  and here  I also found that we are not alone in our little Boler having a shady past

Now we have no idea if the owners before us possibly used Tilley in such a manner or perhaps the people before them.  The owners before us certainly may have bought Tilley with the insulation and wiring already in place and thought "Hey!  Extra goodies included in the price, how nice."......just like we did.

Luckily our guru is a gentleman of many talents and has already removed the foiled insulation and the mould and will be removing the excess electrical wiring before recovering the interior. 

Which brings me to some good news not involving illegal substances - the material he ordered to redo Tilley's interior has arrived!  We should have her back within a week or two!  She will be dressed and ready for the first of the steampunk accessories we have waiting for her....and you can be sure there will be no plants of any nature within, just myself and my mechanic. 


  1. I think Pat needs to mount the upcoming Rubens Tube on Tilley's roof...

  2. I don't want to high jack your thread but I've been think - what would I do with such a beautiful Bo(w)ler?

    Black with a vinyl roof (think Sherlock Holmes Hansom Cab) very little and subtle pinstripping to the sides, but a huge multi coloured coat of arms to the side (think HM The Queen's Landau carriages of state). For a more subdued colour scheme check out the Orient Express (dark Blue and Gold). Also paint the chassis bright colours - think showground engines or attractions and add artificial rivets (they could be domed buttons glued to the chassis sides and painted as if coach bolts). For the gas bottles I would have a plastic sleeve painted as if it was a brass domed air bottle - like 20,000 leagues and huge brass valves and levers to the top - with white enameled gauges, which would also need to have DANGER quadrants in red!

    The wheels would just have to be wire wheels - but not chromed, try painted as some Morgan cars are. Then huge brass coach lights mounted to the front.

    Mainly personal choice, but the seats would just have to be very dark cherry red chesterfields with loads of aged cracks, not very good for sleeping on, but well worth it. You should also have a framed picture of Queen Victoria and bone china cups, saucers and plates, not forgetting a cake stand!

    I can dream


  3. Great suggestions Tony. We're working on the inside first but your gas bottle suggestion is inspired!

    Thank you